Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weed In, Weed Out

There's something calming about eliminating the invaders in a flower bed--weeding as meditation. I'll take serenity where I can get it. One caveat however. This is effective only where the weeds are few and surrounded by thriving plants, as you don't want this to seem like work. I couldn't do this for a living! And there's only one bed in my garden that provides me with the meditation high, akin to walking on a beach and collecting shells and interesting detritus to assemble for assemblage.

If only decision making in real life were as cut and dried as this. You know which one is the weed and you throw it on to the burn pile, never to intrude again.

What are your favorite delta wave inducing activities?


  1. ha, i did a few weeding gigs in vermont for $$ last year and its very cathartic, i prefer it over gardening!

    i get that way when i have to drill or grind a fair amount of metal...something about the machine and the noise/vibration puts me in a very deep hypnotic state sometimes i worry i'm going to loose a finger cause i close my eyes sometimes when using the drill press

  2. That sounds like an adrenaline rush in addition to delta waves, wow!

    Have you taught yourself all you know about working metal? I'm really scared of machines precisely because I'm afraid of losing a finger... But not being able to use them is seriously limiting when you're trying to make stuff out of objects. I'll let you know about my luck with the cold welding though. Baby steps.

  3. deborah, i feel i have so much to learn...
    dont be too intimidated with little tools. heck i didn't even know how to drill a hole 6 years ago. and to this day i still feel like i'm inventing the wheel when i cut a pipe or do something. yes i've taught myself what little i know and listened/asked when i go to the hardware store. i paid a welder to do the backs of all my railroad clocks and he is the one who told me about jb weld for small jobs.
    i google EVERYTHING too.
    machines are fun but a burden to lug around if you can't work in your studio (but i consider it exercise i guess).
    i try to always wear gloves (when appropriate)/goggles/ear stuff and masks and use clamps, it will help you avoid 95% of injuries. one time i was using goop (adhesive) and it had dried and i was scraping it off of where it had dropped and it flew right into my eye. i learned to always protect eyes!!
    what kinds of things are you wanting to make with tools ? :)

  4. ps i noticed you haven't added your 'blogger' badge. i've heard if you dont have it on your blog blogger could see fit to remove your blog. you get the badge by going into your layout, add new widget and pick it from the list of things to add. just a thought, would hate to see you disappear!

  5. I'd have to agree about weeding being quite hypnotic -- I always complain about weeding but it's really the amount I need to do (not that I am!)and not the actual activity.

    Even more than weeding, I like pruning. I love shaping the landscape, although sometimes the gratification is quite delayed. I can see what I've done, but the reward might come the next season as the plant or shrub or tree really fills out and fulfills my vision.

  6. Cynthia, I love to prune too, it always reminds me of Edward Scissorhands. It is gratifying to follow the evolution of the garden over time--plants usually like being snipped. My garden vision is getting better!

    And weeding is fun when it's elective!