Saturday, May 19, 2012

Daily Teabag Recap

 Let me clarify--these aren't strictly made one at a time, one per day.

I'm apparently not hardwired for working on and completing one thing at a time. 

I like to think of my modus operandi as controlled chaos, whereby suddenly--voila!--several finished pieces materialize from my marks.

 More fun that way.

And definitely not a linear thought process.

Noticing similar themes crop up in my work is somehow gratifying--this is one of the flowers I've made recently during my crafty/etsy phase. 

If you've done a blog post on common themes in your own work or put photos online somewhere, please feel free to leave a link in the comments. I'm fascinated! Happy weekend!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vines and Roses

The roses I neglect are the ones that do the best!
 En mai fait ce qu'il te plaĆ®t--Do what you like in May. This feels very appropriate right now-- this spring has been so magnificent on our property, almost like living in a dream world (the Shire) or in Brittany.
An amazingly engineered nest in the vineyard
Climate seems to be everything to my husband and me, probably because we were born and raised in wonderful ones, California and Brittany, where everything grows and the humidity is low.

Shiraz grapes full of promise
There's nothing like having the windows open with a natural breeze in the house. Being able to work outside when you want. 

The last of the azaleas
Gardening is fun, not torture, and we have at least another week of loveliness left before mercury and humidity skyrocket until mid August.

It's good weather for being productive.

 A new collage made on Mother's Day.

©2012 Deborah Jaouen

I hope everyone had a sweet  Mother's Day enjoying family and doing what you love.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lovely Spring Feeling

Hope it's a beautiful spring (or autumn) day where you are! Around here, the beauty of spring is almost surreal. And must be treasured, in view of our superhot, humid, but at the same time drought-y summers...

Here's the beauteous fabric sent to me from South Africa by Robyn of ArtPropelled. I'm hoping to get time to make something from it soon. And I've just finished a sculpture series dating from almost a year back, which I'll show you in a coming post. In the meantime, I'm happy to have done more teabag drawings.

You might have noticed I haven't been the most regular poster on this blog of late. As every artist who tries to self promote their art knows, when you have your own business (and let's just say I have more than one to run) you're responsible for so many (too many!) details. And the devil is in the details. But I'm feeling on top of it all once again. The decision to let go of trying to be found on Etsy is contributing to my peace of mind.

Do you have any suggestions or experience concerning alternative online venues for selling your artwork?