Saturday, May 19, 2012

Daily Teabag Recap

 Let me clarify--these aren't strictly made one at a time, one per day.

I'm apparently not hardwired for working on and completing one thing at a time. 

I like to think of my modus operandi as controlled chaos, whereby suddenly--voila!--several finished pieces materialize from my marks.

 More fun that way.

And definitely not a linear thought process.

Noticing similar themes crop up in my work is somehow gratifying--this is one of the flowers I've made recently during my crafty/etsy phase. 

If you've done a blog post on common themes in your own work or put photos online somewhere, please feel free to leave a link in the comments. I'm fascinated! Happy weekend!


  1. These are wonderful, Deb. I see seascapes in some. Hurray for controlled chaos. -sus

  2. These are lovely! I can really relate to "controlled chaos" - it's the only way I seem to get anything done anymore these days. :0)

  3. Yes! to the chaos that creates the next step... and the next...what's that great phrase...'wonder into wonder and existence opens'
    like that.

  4. Hi Sus, I do love the ocean so it's somewhere in almost everything I do!

    Hello Angela, probably true--modern life has fractioned our attention spans--mine at least!

    Hi Donna, you've put it into perspective. I often think of the saying "to make an omelet, you've got to break eggs". :-)