Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Moons and Blooms

This looks more like a Halloween pic than a springy one, but here's that full moon that was very close to the earth a couple weeks ago...You can't really tell, but this is over water, which is why it looks like there are 2 moons.

Just a post to say I'm still here! I've been getting a lot done, which often means being online less. Sound familiar? Anyway, I'll be posting some new artwork soon. I've been redoing and rethinking both my work spaces and I think it's helping.

Hope you've been enjoying the spring flowers, though I can't say the weather has been balmy here quite yet.
Hellebores are one of my favorite flowers, I love the name too--sounds so Harry Potterish. Especially if you say it in Latin. Helleborus!

Have you tried the new Blogger feature where you can see anyone's blog in different views? All you do is type /view after their url and then select the view you want. One thing, though--they have to have the feature enabled. So hopefully it will work on my blog. However, my Tumblr blog is much more visually enticing when viewed in this type of format. So, go check it out!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Light Emanating from Dark Events

Olga de Amaral, Nudo 1 (detail)

So much chaotic stuff is going on right now, from the cataclysmic events in Japan to upheavals in the lives of friends I've met through blogging. I wanted to bring some inspiration into the mix, and hopefully a little optimism and insight on perseverance as well.

Gaman in Japanese culture and art

Paula's Raffle

Olga de Amaral

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thrifting and [drumroll]... New Work

Here's what that hunk of old RV got turned into...

Another flower in my Ikebana series. A tulip this time.

The aluminum has a really interesting faux bois (fake wood) effect.

While I was out sourcing interesting fabrics (hitting the thrift stores), I couldn't resist these brand new lacquer trays from Japan. Perfect for organizing! And I'm a pushover for all things Japanese.

You can never have too many bookends. And these needed rescuing (see below).

Look at these sweet faces!

Here was the horror that was inflicted by the thrift store. For once, there was actually something from the 60's in a thrift store. But they just had to tape these fragile textured cardboard pieces together with big, honking, clear strapping tape. I haven't gotten up the courage to remove it yet. I was thinking that maybe using a blow dryer would make the tape less tape-y and the damage would be less. It's going to tear all the color off, oh well at least they had the good sense not to tape over the horses!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Small Tweaks

Just finished up this free Photoshop class online and used my newly found knowledge to make a blog banner. Baby steps...

I've never had any real issues with Blogger before, but tonight the banner does not want to go perfectly into its little box. "Shrink to fit" is not doing the trick. If anyone knows why, please don't be shy. I will be grateful!

And thank you to my new followers!