Wednesday, April 4, 2012

General Update and New Collages

 Just working on my teabags--these are drying. Some of those herb teas are quite colorful!

And eating lots of this wonderful fennel orange and olive salad for energy. I could eat 
it every day--this is the second day in a row I've made it-- but I ran out of fennel.

"3 Birds"  ©2012 Deborah Jaouen, 20" x 21 1/2"
 I've been revisiting some earlier work and tweaking it to my new vision

"2 Birds"  ©2012 Deborah Jaouen, 20" x 16"

These photos aren't the best, but they do give you an idea. Other than that, I have delivered quite a few crafty things, like granny chic appliqued pillows, hair flowers made from vintage notions, and corrugated gift card envelopes from my Etsy shop to a museum shop. I'll be listing more mixed media works and sculptures in my shop in the near future. I have a lot of amazing collections and want to open a vintage shop on Etsy, but am rethinking that due to discouragement from the difficulties of being found in Etsy's search. 

Do you think that it's as hard to get views for a vintage shop as it is for an art shop? Any suggestions or any comments about this are very apropos, since I'm wondering more and more if Etsy isn't an impossible dream for some of us...

Thank you to everyone who reads this, comments, or follows--I'm so grateful for your loyalty. Blogging has been very good for teaching me to let go of ego and expectations. My last post got lots of comments, new people, and even a sweet email--just when I was feeling a little bit down. I might not have quite as many followers as my ego probably expected after two years of blogging, but those I have are awesome. xoxo to all!!