Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Art I Like

Jason Rohlf, Pliable, Acrylic/Collage on Linen 40x30 in

Jason Rohlf, Ask Again, Acrylic/Collage on Linen 30x72 in

Jason Rohlf, Shifted, Acrylic/Collage on Linen 24x72 in

Jason Rohlf, Hold, Acrylic/Collage on Linen 16x34 in

These distressed textures are so enticing! And I never could resist a random bird... More works by San Francisco artist Jason Rohlf here.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Art You Might Like (I Do)

JAMES PITT, The Holder, acrylic on wood, 5" x 5", 2009

JAMES PITT, Object to Capture the Sun, acrylic on cardboard and wood, 5" x 4", 2009

James Pitt, The Shaker (Pink and Blue) acrylic, plaster and zip ties on cardboard, 8" x 5", 2009

JAMES PITT, Canary, acrylic and plaster on cardboard, 5" x 4", 2009

See more here.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where Am I Going?

Finally--a little reflective time for blogging. Getting photos together today just seemed like too much effort after doing that constantly for other sites, like etsy and facebook (we won't count tumblr, because that's fun), so I might go with a little rant about my art goals (hopefully this advance notice won't be your signal to click out of here!).

I've been noticing that my attitude towards art has been changing over the past months--I've really become conscious that my output has slowed pretty radically. When I say slowed, I mean it often takes me weeks to advance to the next phase of the piece I'm working on because I'm searching for exactly what I'm trying to say or even why express it, which is an even thornier issue.

Four or five years ago when I was pretty much painting full time, I was very productive and the images felt like they were already finished in my head, that I just had to get them down on canvas. That's probably normal as they were part of an autobiographical series. Next I started making a series of canvas collages, which demanded a lot of thought about placement and just what they needed next. After that came assemblages and sculptural paper pieces. It's the collaged works that seem to stymie me, but they're also the ones I keep coming back to, even as I try to break with 2D and move completely on to 3D. So what I'm going to do for the next few weeks is finish up what's already started in my studio then re-evaluate the direction I want to take my work in 2011.

I'm not sure if this is a creative block, I've had those before of course but they don't usually last this long! I've managed to keep creating through this but it's not going away. So now I'm thinking it's got to be a turning point and hoping to gain some clarity on what's coming next by stepping away from it all for a time. This might mean blogging more, or working on the house, or (gasp) writing. There, I've set my intention-- that's step one. Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tumblr (again)

Here's an image from my tumblr page. See how they did it here.

Blog Roll Call

New in my Etsy shop, "Pannier du Jardin" papier maché mixed media jewelry box

I've been taking stock of my blog, after seven or so months of writing it. I'm enjoying blogging and have met some great blog friends. People have told me they enjoy reading Collage Whirl, which is obviously so gratifying to me. I also know I have a certain number of readers and followers which inspires me to continue--that being said, I would really love more readers which would also bring a lot of new energy to this whole enterprise!

If you like this blog (and --my secret fear--aren't ashamed for other people to know you read it! ), please add me to your blog roll. If you already have (thank you Paula) could you please let me know about your blog so I can glory in my unbeknownst popularity?

And while you're at it, a comment from time to time wouldn't kill ya!! jk, jk

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tumblr /Etsy Update, Zen and the Art of Not Expecting

I am now enjoying Tumblr, which is pretty easy after all. No need to be intimidated, just make an account and have fun with it. I'm finding it great just as a place to keep images and quotes that I like, nothing too ambitious so far.

In Etsy news, I'm now on the Vast Team--only for art that hangs on the wall, but I have a lot of that! I have kicked off a "Holiday Gifting" sale on all giclee prints, laser prints and original mixed media collages in my shop.

And I have more papier maché boxes and bowls, for keeping one's go-to jewelry safe and cosy on your dresser or shelf. For those pieces of jewelry that you wear all the time--or, for special pieces you just want to pamper! They are made from kozo paper from Thailand, 1900's glossy newpapers from France and modern maps. They also get drawn on, and glazed with various light washes of color. They're enjoyable to make and always turn out a little differently than I think they will. This is good, as it keeps me from getting attached to a result. Layering the paper is not unlike hand building a pot or ceramics piece. I remember my frustration in college when my pieces would come out of the kiln unrecognizable due to the glaze yielding unpredictible results. If only I'd adjusted my expectations! I should probably try ceramics now and see if my midlife wisdom protects me from disappointment. Ha ha!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Finds Continued

I saved the best for last--a very old typewriter from the local pharmacy used
to type the labels for prescriptions...

This isn't from a garage sale, it was one of my favorite beach finds in Martha's Vineyard! I think it came from a private island west of MV belonging to the Forbes family.

Not especially exciting, but these wooden things will certainly come in handy at some point--isn't that the whole reason we do this, besides the thrill of the chase? Finding a pair of old gilt frames is unusual, though. And old yardsticks are always cool.

This is a hot plate from a chemistry lab that goes up to 600 degrees F.
Ready for some mad science?

Weekend Finds

Already at home in their new place, the 70's globe bookends.

Various useful and not so useful things. The brush on the right is like a great one I already have that I absolutely adore for painting trim! The black thing in the middle is a portable music notebook full of music on paper. Old cards are always handy, one must polish one's jewelry, metal bits and bobs are indispensable. Oh, and shouldn't everyone own red and white mushrooms on a twist tie from the 70's?

An old milk crate with some various metal delights. The ancient license plates were dug up on the guy's land which used to be a dump for old cars. They found lots of old bottles too. I don't understand why our land didn't have (m)any treasures as we have definitely dug around everywhere.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Rust Reconsidered

The deafening silence greeting a certain recent post as well as the convenient appearance of some really interesting rust (not shown here, don't worry) in my life started me to thinking.

(Notice my pictures of rust all seem to be nautical-comes from our sailing days
when an unkept boat was a "rustbucket"--but I'm over it!)

I may well be recanting my beliefs about rust. Say I found a few deliciously rusty pieces I want to cobble together to make something, and I want to put some kind of finish coat on them so they don't get dust (remember, that's the part I don't like) on people's lovely furnishings. What would you rust lovers use to keep the rust beautifully matte but still un-dusty? I've used rust primer on outdoor stuff that was getting painted and it makes a horribly shiny finish. Anyone who works with rusty textures, please leave me a comment with your suggestions!