Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where Am I Going?

Finally--a little reflective time for blogging. Getting photos together today just seemed like too much effort after doing that constantly for other sites, like etsy and facebook (we won't count tumblr, because that's fun), so I might go with a little rant about my art goals (hopefully this advance notice won't be your signal to click out of here!).

I've been noticing that my attitude towards art has been changing over the past months--I've really become conscious that my output has slowed pretty radically. When I say slowed, I mean it often takes me weeks to advance to the next phase of the piece I'm working on because I'm searching for exactly what I'm trying to say or even why express it, which is an even thornier issue.

Four or five years ago when I was pretty much painting full time, I was very productive and the images felt like they were already finished in my head, that I just had to get them down on canvas. That's probably normal as they were part of an autobiographical series. Next I started making a series of canvas collages, which demanded a lot of thought about placement and just what they needed next. After that came assemblages and sculptural paper pieces. It's the collaged works that seem to stymie me, but they're also the ones I keep coming back to, even as I try to break with 2D and move completely on to 3D. So what I'm going to do for the next few weeks is finish up what's already started in my studio then re-evaluate the direction I want to take my work in 2011.

I'm not sure if this is a creative block, I've had those before of course but they don't usually last this long! I've managed to keep creating through this but it's not going away. So now I'm thinking it's got to be a turning point and hoping to gain some clarity on what's coming next by stepping away from it all for a time. This might mean blogging more, or working on the house, or (gasp) writing. There, I've set my intention-- that's step one. Stay tuned!


  1. This is the second blog in a row that I'm reading about a creative lull.
    I too have a much harder time completing my pieces that are in the collage/assemblage realm. It's so much easier for me to put together jewelry designs it seems. No harm in stepping back without judgement, I'm sure something amazing and compelling will eventually burst forth.
    xoxo Kim

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by and for your comments today

  2. well i can't speak for YOU but for me...i know that with the type of work i do (vases dont count right now), i dont think. maybe that is the problem...maybe you are supposed to create and not think? would that feel good? seem easy? be freeing? THINK ABOUT IT ;)

  3. The good news is, after I wrote this post I got an idea for an assemblage that may be strong enough for a series--puleez universe!

    Kim, thanks for your comment--it's good to know that collage is often challenging. Once I have the idea, assemblage (except the technical aspect of sticking the pieces together) comes more easily to me than collage a lot of times. Jewelry is probably like that for you.

    Paula, I only think about the concept between stages. That's probably where I'm shooting myself in the foot. When I don't think (like when I paint), I can be more prolific. Anyway, I think I'm done agonizing about whether my latest collage is done. I'll just cut out the last "stage" which probably was overkill anyway! What's funny is, you use the word "freeing" and I just used it too on a response to your comment about the sculptures in my new post.