Monday, November 29, 2010

Art You Might Like (I Do)

JAMES PITT, The Holder, acrylic on wood, 5" x 5", 2009

JAMES PITT, Object to Capture the Sun, acrylic on cardboard and wood, 5" x 4", 2009

James Pitt, The Shaker (Pink and Blue) acrylic, plaster and zip ties on cardboard, 8" x 5", 2009

JAMES PITT, Canary, acrylic and plaster on cardboard, 5" x 4", 2009

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  1. i will say this is some of the strangest stuff i've ever seen. i like that object to capture the sun certainly is fun and likable. where'd you find this guy?

  2. Good question, let me try to remember...on a blog called happy mundane. There's something really freeing about this work, don't you think?