Friday, May 7, 2010

Cardinal Mom

There is a mother cardinal living in my rose trellis! She has the sweetest little nest with three beautiful speckled eggs in it. I feel sorry for disturbing her with my sneaky peeks--she flies away in a panic. I'm often tempted to check her on my way to the garage to finish up some projects. But if I stay behind the glass of the garage door, she doesn't mind at all.

A nest, how evocative of nurturing and maternal love. Right now I'm in a conceptual stage, thinking about what I want to do next, so maybe you'll see some nest related pieces from me here soon. Or not...but I really hope I start working again very soon.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

At the Hirschhorn

Sunday we popped up to DC for an afternoon of family museum fun. It was really hot out and the idea of an air conditioned building was irresistible. I had never been to the Hirshhorn(!)so I was pretty pleased.

In fact, the sculpture garden with its wonderful fountain was the best part of that particular visit. Because the Yves Klein show was being installed, we had to content ourselves with the permanent collection. I had an a-ha! moment when my daughter pointed something out--I don't like permanent collections either.

What I did love in the collection were the 4 magnificent Rothkos on the lower level. No photos allowed. And of course there was that amazing Lichtenstein sculpture "Brushstroke" at the museum entrance.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Follow Me, Hobbits

Hey people, I now have google friend connect enabled, so please follow my blog. I promise it will get better!
p.s. have I just identified myself as a Lord of the Rings nerd?