Friday, September 21, 2012

What I'm Doing

What am I doing? Anyone still reading might be wondering, since you haven't heard a sound from this blog in quite a while. 

©Deborah Jaouen 2012

I've been working on finishing a few pieces for my upcoming show, "Nothing is Wasted" that opens at the beginning of October. This fiber collage feels like a departure from the two I made right before it. I dug deep to come up with lots of recycled materials. (here it is when I first started it) What do you think?
I'm not sure if I'll make any more right away since I've started on an assemblage series--here's the first one.

©Deborah Jaouen 2012
I have boards prepared for 3 more. I got the idea for this format because these are for 50 Small Works and they have to be under 12" x 12" x 4". I had gotten a little burned out on making extremely small pieces for miniature shows in the past three years, so 12 x 12 sounded good. And it made me think of something I might not have done normally. 

What creative plans do you have for the coming fall (or spring, depending where you live)?