Friday, November 12, 2010

Tumblr /Etsy Update, Zen and the Art of Not Expecting

I am now enjoying Tumblr, which is pretty easy after all. No need to be intimidated, just make an account and have fun with it. I'm finding it great just as a place to keep images and quotes that I like, nothing too ambitious so far.

In Etsy news, I'm now on the Vast Team--only for art that hangs on the wall, but I have a lot of that! I have kicked off a "Holiday Gifting" sale on all giclee prints, laser prints and original mixed media collages in my shop.

And I have more papier maché boxes and bowls, for keeping one's go-to jewelry safe and cosy on your dresser or shelf. For those pieces of jewelry that you wear all the time--or, for special pieces you just want to pamper! They are made from kozo paper from Thailand, 1900's glossy newpapers from France and modern maps. They also get drawn on, and glazed with various light washes of color. They're enjoyable to make and always turn out a little differently than I think they will. This is good, as it keeps me from getting attached to a result. Layering the paper is not unlike hand building a pot or ceramics piece. I remember my frustration in college when my pieces would come out of the kiln unrecognizable due to the glaze yielding unpredictible results. If only I'd adjusted my expectations! I should probably try ceramics now and see if my midlife wisdom protects me from disappointment. Ha ha!


  1. nice! i like the last one the most :)
    and now i have to see your tumble page!

  2. Thanks Paula! And thanks for following me on tumblr:-)

    Love your new flowers btw. Do you put something on the rebar to protect the rust finish? And the birch you used in one of your puzzle assemblages--I have some, does it need to be treated somehow or can I use it just like that?