Monday, November 1, 2010

Rust Reconsidered

The deafening silence greeting a certain recent post as well as the convenient appearance of some really interesting rust (not shown here, don't worry) in my life started me to thinking.

(Notice my pictures of rust all seem to be nautical-comes from our sailing days
when an unkept boat was a "rustbucket"--but I'm over it!)

I may well be recanting my beliefs about rust. Say I found a few deliciously rusty pieces I want to cobble together to make something, and I want to put some kind of finish coat on them so they don't get dust (remember, that's the part I don't like) on people's lovely furnishings. What would you rust lovers use to keep the rust beautifully matte but still un-dusty? I've used rust primer on outdoor stuff that was getting painted and it makes a horribly shiny finish. Anyone who works with rusty textures, please leave me a comment with your suggestions!

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