Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is Rust a Must?

Silver Ore from Bolivia

Silver Bars from the Mines of Moria (just kidding)

Rare Silver Sword Plant from the Big Island of Hawaii

Silver Lab Puppy

Silver Platters at Auction

Things have been awfully silent at my blog for the past week--there are just so many hours in a day unfortunately...

I started thinking about the concept of "silver" today after going through the collection of packaging papers I sometimes use for collage and noticing that gold accents outnumbered silver about 5 to 1. That's funny when you realize that silver is the most abundant precious element. Or maybe that's actually why gold seems more popular in popular culture. The piece I'm working on is sort of lavender (for now) and in keeping with my new monochromatic thing I want to add some silver-ish pieces, not too shiny though. In the meantime I wanted to post a few "silver" images I came across.

For some reason, I'm not attracted to rust per se, unless it's got some kind of finish on it so it doesn't flake off everywhere. I loved this post at ArtPropelled, but rust doesn't seem to be my passion (though I've learned to never say never!) Maybe for the same reason pastel isn't--I don't really like touching either one! Is that really strange? Maybe you're the same way?

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