Thursday, September 16, 2010

Serendipitous Opps

Diamondback Terrapin, 4 panels 6"x6", mixed media collage series, ©2009 Deborah Jaouen

Back in July, I hinted at a couple of local exhibition opportunities that I was pursuing. One of them is the Wild Rabbit Cafe and the other was the Peninsula Fine Arts Center gift shop, which is run by a most capable and engaging person, Jo. August was such a busy month for me getting my new college boy off to school among other pastimes--that we didn't really connect, so I hadn't met her until yesterday, when we had a meeting that was really a lot of fun! I had planned to take 3 small mixed media collage series for the gift shop and that was all, but at the last minute I packed a lot of recent and not so recent work and Jo liked it all. It was also a good time as she was looking for a new artist to feature--so now I will have a wall with around 18 works in the art center just in time for the Biennial opening on October 1. Everything always does work out for the best, right?

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