Thursday, March 3, 2011

Small Tweaks

Just finished up this free Photoshop class online and used my newly found knowledge to make a blog banner. Baby steps...

I've never had any real issues with Blogger before, but tonight the banner does not want to go perfectly into its little box. "Shrink to fit" is not doing the trick. If anyone knows why, please don't be shy. I will be grateful!

And thank you to my new followers!


  1. no clue...but it looks good to me! one thing you can do is add it as an image by itself do you know what i mean? there are 2 options to post a banner.
    the other easy trick is to go into your colors and make the border white, then the black lines will disappear but it will everywhere else too which i think is a good thing.

  2. I'll try some of these things next time I'm in a "futzing around" mood--thanks for the tips! Now I'm going to attempt to post some photos of an assemblage I just finished. It has proven to be very un-photogenic.

  3. Paula, I got rid of the borders--you were so right! Much better.