Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Light Emanating from Dark Events

Olga de Amaral, Nudo 1 (detail)

So much chaotic stuff is going on right now, from the cataclysmic events in Japan to upheavals in the lives of friends I've met through blogging. I wanted to bring some inspiration into the mix, and hopefully a little optimism and insight on perseverance as well.

Gaman in Japanese culture and art

Paula's Raffle

Olga de Amaral


  1. wow. gaman. i want that. dignity. endurance. thank you for sharing that and including my 'little' (though to me completely overwhelming circumstances) world among this post.

  2. Your bravery should be recognized!

  3. Our times today seem about to blow. It can be easy to become overwhelmed. That you are holding steady speaks volumes to your character and insight. Thank you for this lovely post.
    Rose & Studio

  4. The Mayas thought that leading up to 2012's world ending there would be all sorts of cataclysmic events...