Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Ruminations

The start of my nest collection

What's inspiring me these days--this aluminum from an RV that was given to me by an collector of cool stuff (and scrap metalist) we met Saturday. He had a lot of interesting things, old bottles, arrowheads, metal signs, plenty of rust... The leather straps in the photo were found by me in a trail head parking lot. They probably came from a horse trailer and I know what I want to do with them. I was planning to use this aluminum for a large collage, but then thought I have enough to use in some smaller sculptural pieces. Have to make it safe and friendly so no one will cut their finger on an edge.

And Organizing Everything continues in the garage--it's almost an art form in and of itself, don't you think?


  1. Your words about the creative process inherent in organizing/reorganizing reminds me of a friend whose goal it is to keep everything neat when creating. Even if the rest of her home can go to the dogs while we make art!

  2. Rose, the danger of organizing is that it becomes obsessive. Though I'm not there yet--I struggle just to keep some free work space on my table!

    Just came across your blog and I hope to use some of your cool offerings very soon :-)