Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zakka Sewing Projects

Zakka (from the Japanese 'zak-ka'(雑貨)or 'many things') is a fashion and design phenomenon that has spread from Japan throughout Asia. The term refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance. It is often based on household items from the West that are regarded as kitsch in their countries of origin, but it can also be Japanese goods, mainly from the fifties, sixties, and seventies.The interest in Nordic design or Scandinavian design, both contemporary and past, is also part of this zakka movement. Zakka can also be contemporary handicraft.

Zakka has also been described as "the art of seeing the savvy in the ordinary and mundane". The zakka boom could be recognized as merely another in a series of consumer fads, but it also touches issues of self-expression and spirituality. "Cute, corny and kitschy is not enough. To qualify as a zakka, a product must be attractive, sensitive, and laden with subtext."(from Wikipedia)

I got this book about Zakka sewing and it's been giving me some ideas about little organizing things to make. Here are a couple of things I've made lately.

Little case to keep my Droid X from getting scratched. This isn't in the book,
I got the case idea from etsy where all I found were iPhone cases.

Vintage houndstooth wool and trim with houndstooth flannel and light grey flannel lining (not visible).

Basket for keeping sewing supplies, or anything!

I'm probably going to list 2 of these on Etsy as it's nice to have more than one of something. The outside is a velvety soft brushed cotton and the inside is brocade. I had just found both these vintage fabrics at an exciting new source nearby, so they didn't sit around long. For me that's a rarity.


  1. Love the ideal, the fabrics and the design. I need more Japanese sewing books- Ha!

  2. Japanese sewing books are addictive--not surprising when the only alternative is gaudy 90's projects! I want to get the book you used to make all those wonderful bags you whipped up :-)