Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vines and Roses

The roses I neglect are the ones that do the best!
 En mai fait ce qu'il te plaĆ®t--Do what you like in May. This feels very appropriate right now-- this spring has been so magnificent on our property, almost like living in a dream world (the Shire) or in Brittany.
An amazingly engineered nest in the vineyard
Climate seems to be everything to my husband and me, probably because we were born and raised in wonderful ones, California and Brittany, where everything grows and the humidity is low.

Shiraz grapes full of promise
There's nothing like having the windows open with a natural breeze in the house. Being able to work outside when you want. 

The last of the azaleas
Gardening is fun, not torture, and we have at least another week of loveliness left before mercury and humidity skyrocket until mid August.

It's good weather for being productive.

 A new collage made on Mother's Day.

©2012 Deborah Jaouen

I hope everyone had a sweet  Mother's Day enjoying family and doing what you love.


  1. Thanks for the visit to your beautiful garden, Deb. I got away from Cold Alaska today and am headed to nice hot Denver tomorrow!
    The new collage is wonderful... reminds me of walking on my beach when the tide has gone out and lovely patterns are everywhere. -sus

  2. Glad you enjoyed the garden visit, Sus. I'm envious of your beach--it looks like my kind of place!
    Great compliment, since I love those tidal patterns :-)