Saturday, June 5, 2010

Openings are Fun?

Aziletos #1 and #6, Terry Bachman

Landscape 2, Don Weaver

Landscape 1, Don Weaver

Boro Tree, 12 x 3 x3" and Woman,11 x 3 x 3".
© 2010 Deborah Jaouen

I finally made it down to Norfolk to see how my 2 assemblages were getting along in their group show. The opening was back in April, but I wasn't braving that bridge tunnel bottleneck on a Friday evening. Worst traffic situation I've ever seen and I'm a native Angeleno (that's L.A). Anyway, does inconvenience justify not attending an opening?

As for my sculptures, they were tastefully installed with works hanging nearby. I really liked these two mixed media pieces by Don Weaver and thought they were a good choice to install next to my work. Two assembled woodwork pieces by Terry Bachman also caught my eye.


  1. yes i think that is standard...from what i gather serious art buyers look before or after the show date. art openings are a social occassion probably more than an art occassion, with art being the 'excuse'.
    i personally have always tried to go to any show but i realize it isn't as important as i once thought it was as [so far] only a few times has anyone wanted to talk to ME let alone about my work. (and those two times i sold the work that night). other times i've had people not want to talk to me but like my work, i think 'knowing' who buys your work is probably NOT such a good thing for either party!
    cool your assemblages were kept company with other cool assemblages :) its always nice to have art buddy up with other good pieces!
    i love that turquoise color on your piece, what IS that? wood? found that way or made by you? looks like a cool totem of sorts.

  2. That turquoise piece of wood was probably a piece of fishing boat found (by me) on a beach in France. Can't remember exactly because I've had it so long. It was actually a little wrenching to make something out of of a kind and all that.
    That's right, openings are more for socializing. And a lot of times it's better if people just like the art without questions. And even better if they like it enough to want it to be theirs!