Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What to Do with Driftwood

Surf's Up, encaustic and acrylic on driftwood, 19"x27", 2008

Paint on it, of course! After a trip to British Columbia where I loaded up on driftwood, I wanted to make a piece reminiscent of an old fence in a surfer's backyard.

Hook, 19"x4", 2008

More of the Canadian driftwood I found, along with a few other objects from various collectings-- fashioned into something more utilitarian--a hook. Just sayin'...


  1. Oh wow, beautiful! I love the look of the paint and encaustic on the top one...so painterly and gestural with interesting details showing through.

  2. Thanks Cynthia and Paula. It's always nice to get people's reactions especially the encouraging kind!