Saturday, June 26, 2010


I used to love color.

I always will, but my new love is....texture. Is it a midlife thing, maybe? Gaining an appreciation for subtleties and nuances after rioting with saturated color as far back as I can remember. Whatever the reason, I'm always finding new surfaces to make me marvel.

What about you?


  1. love your textures too. i'm more attracted to texture and most times texture oddly enough doesn't have much color. or its subtle. i think color sometimes is used instead of texture..ya think?

  2. I love your photographs -- you captured some beautiful textures! Color is certainly present as well...just not screaming. In the bottom photo the warm colors remind me of spices...tumeric, cinnamon, saffron. I guess those are leaves? What kind?

  3. Paula, how true that using both color and texture can make for a lot going on! I know that I'm attracted to monochromatic things a lot more since I got hooked on texture.

    Cynthia, glad you like the pics. I would really love to visit a spice market just for the colors. :-) Those are eucalyptus leaves,isn't it amazing all the color variations they have?

  4. Me too, I like it very much! I imagine the three on a huge wite wall and just in front a bank to seat and ...........look.
    le premier me fait penser à Pamukkale en Turquie celui du milieu aux seychelles et le dernier à la cuisine de mon homme.
    Well I like them all! Rita

  5. Bienvenue a mon blog Rita!
    That's cool they look like they're from such divers places. Actually they were all taken on the same island, Kauai--when I was there last summer. The first one is the Hanapepe salt pond, the second is the beach at Hanakapiai and the third is on the way home from Waimea Canyon.
    I really want to move back to Hawaii!

  6. These are great examples of what the world has to offer to the eye in us artists!

  7. Thanks for stopping by MrCachet. I'm happy to have found your blog through buried treasure.

  8. Texturaphilia- wow, i love that word. Almost as much as the actual texture. Super post- soulful, simple, so full of a breathtaking feeling.