Monday, June 14, 2010

Rosalie Gascoigne

Southerly Buster, 1995, retro-reflective roadsign on craftboard

Rosalie Gascoigne--an Australian sculptor who created assemblages from materials found in the outback.

watch her interview
more work here

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  1. I put up a new link in the post, so go see more of her work!

  2. I love Rosalie's work!! Was she the artist who started late in life?
    Thanks for your comment on my blog...nice to see I am not the only one dragging driftwood along....


  3. Rosalie has been a huge inspiration ever since I came across her work a couple years ago. Love her compositions and her sensibility. She did start making assemblages late in life...

    Jeanne, I can't wait to discover all your blogs. And I thought I had a lot of interests!! As for the driftwood, coming home from a trip to British Columbia once (a great place for planks), one of our suitcases was only for beach finds. That's craziness when flying these days!

    Paula, had you ever seen Rosalie Gascoigne's work before? You always come up with such cool, not-done-to-death artists on your blog.