Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Ways to Embroider

As an enthusiastic lifelong 70's style embroiderer, I'm finding the modern resurgence of needle arts really exciting. Finally a fresh reason to add to my fabric stash...

Rebecca Ringquist  Berry Picker 2011, 14 x 14
Embroidery and machine stitching on found fabric  
via Tumblr 
More of Rebecca's work here

Nicola Ginzel,  SchweineVmMtzgr  DETAIL
2008-09 butcher paper bag, acrylic, cotton- wool

Nicola Ginzel,  Monochromatic Fragment, No. 5 - DETAIL 2010
German Stamps, thread 7/8” x 5 7/8”

Jenny Hart, from Embroidery-Selected Works
Be sure to check out Jenny's blog, Embroidery as Art as well as her website.

Fox by Poesie Grenadine
Poesie is also on Tumblr 


  1. hahaha false advertising...i got all exciting thinking that orange thing was yours ....

  2. well maybe I do have some things in the pipes...haha get it? these are inspiring me Paula! Though ideas are easy to come by, it's the bringing them to life that counts :-)

  3. They are talented whose works you feature here. I'm an old '70's needle arts type myself--and while there is a need for an update to my sewing machine's empty corner, I will have you know, I too have my own fabric stash!

  4. Rose-fabric stashes rock, don't they?! The thrill of the hunt...