Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birds and Eggs

 New York City is a place where I've always felt the energy, even as a little kid, and even before I got "sensitive" to that kind of thing. Whenever I'm there, ordinary things appear extraordinary to me--like birds hanging out at a construction site.

I've been appreciating street inspiration more than visits to galleries or museums on recent trips.
  I was drawn to these egg installations on Fifth Avenue.

And there's nothing like the gritty and derelict to jumpstart your creative mojo.

It's a city where you can be anything or anyone you want!


  1. Sounds like a great place for you to enjoy the scene!
    I once had an opportunity when I was very young to see NYC in all its glory. It was a fascinating trip. I believe it jumpstarted my art career. I can still see the wonders of the Metropolitan Art Museum, the stretches of sidewalk crowded with people even when it wasn't rush hour, and all the fun stores, weird little pokey areas, the trash, even! LOL
    It was wonderful.
    Thank you for the trip down memory lane.
    Enjoy your stay!

  2. glad you got to be where you love!

  3. Rose-what a great and impressionable time for such a special trip. Though NYC will always make you want to make art, no matter your age (lucky for me!).

    Paula-the best place for a pop of inspiration, in my opinion. Don't think I could live there though--too expensive!