Friday, July 8, 2011

June Recap, Upcoming Show

 Marsh Spirit, acrylic diptych on canvas, 20" x 32"© Deborah Jaouen

Forgive me Blogger, it has been 3 weeks since my last confession/ post. I have
-suffered through a broken air conditioner in the sultry South for a month,
-gone to a cosmetic trade show in New York City,
-had two college age children home for a month so far,
-taken them to several doctors and done many loads of laundry,
-dealt with an Amazon rip off artist in my other business,
-prepared for a sweet solo show of my work--"Collage Infusion", the inaugural exhibition!--opening next week in a new cafe/gallery nearby,
-gotten ready to go to a food trade show (yum),
-put all the good people who actually want to hear about my upcoming exhibitions into a "real" database.

And now, just maybe I can even post this while I wait for Mail Chimp to upload my email list--it's free but it takes forever. And I still have to send out invitations tonight. How was your month?

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