Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buried Treasure from the Country

Here's my Buried Treasure post--playing along with the Altered Page's wonderful
idea of inviting people to repost a favorite post.  Thanks, Seth!

Back in early spring

when these were flowering, 

we went here.

 It was an old country store estate sale. Can you imagine a more beautiful combination of words?

They had old books, some in bad enough condition to make them perfect for collage.

They've found their way into the studio, instead of to our already overflowing library.

There were letters and stencils galore. Did I mention that part of the sale was in someone's wonderful and very vintage garage/workshop?

I got some strange looks from men as I elbowed them (just kidding) out of the way, competing for prizes. I'm lucky to be the only woman in these parts collecting gnarly stuff.

Once we got our loot home, I had to compete with my husband to see who gets to make stuff with what. We couldn't figure out why this bucket was so heavy, until we took out the pulleys on top to find the bottom full with 8 inches of lead weights!

 And I made some assemblages using some things from that day. The ring with rusted wire was apparently part of a crab pot.

The Caprice key ring came from another hunting and gathering expedition.
What have you found lately?


  1. Cool grungy stuff! Country store estate sale? I broke out into a cold sweat!

  2. lovely and interesting pieces you created and i adore the stencils you picked up.

  3. am loving your collages already...
    those stencils and numbers, and bookpages... you've done vintage good!!!

  4. Laurie, I know--some expeditions are just epic! Makes up for others that aren't...

    Thanks Lea! Stencils have been on my "to find" list forever and this is the first time I've found so many.

    Woolf, glad you like! Hopefully great inspiration will strike soon for the rest of my haul.

  5. those things inspiring me a lot!!!
    thanks and have a happy day,


  6. Elena, love your blog! Thanks for saying hi :-)

  7. I love all the different textures and the way you used mixed media. Beautiful and inventive work.

  8. Shelley, thank you so much. I'm happy you like them!

  9. I actually felt like elbowing you out the way to get to that bucket of loot. Love the crab pot assemblage!

  10. Robyn, we're like women in a bargain basement sale! And I have one more ring left...

  11. Wow, what a find! You're right, there is no better combination of words. I'm loving the assemblages too!

  12. Wonderful repost. Great finds and art.

  13. Love your country store estate finds and your assemblages. Visiting you from Seth's Buried Treasure collab!

  14. I'll bet it was not only a Country Store but also a GAS station. We saw one this past weekend, and could even find a photograph of it at the Historical Society about an hour later...

  15. Way cool stuff. Way cool post! You have too much fun. :)

  16. I love Estate sales and etc..I also am in the mans department so to love old tools and rusty things.. Glad I found you or You found me..
    Nice to meet.

  17. Sharmon-being in decluttering mode, I'm closing my ears to any more estate sale news--actually it's just too darn hot to go out!

    Don-wish I could find some of the cool textiles you come up with.

    Jill-So glad you found me by way of Seth's blog, happy to meet you.

    MrCachet-I bet you're right, I never even thought about that.

    Holly-It's all about fun!

    Katelen-Good to meet another lover of primitives :-)

  18. I wish I had some of your flea market finds.. wish wish wish. I love everything worn, weathered and torn.. like you.

  19. I do love the weathered, torn and worn. And you have all your wonderful WT&W finds beautifully arranged!