Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pyramids of Color

While working on a website and reading blogs, I came across this image on a writer's blog. A while back, I needed to source an image like this for another site, but never did find what I needed. Then today, I found it out of the blue (no pun intended!).

I really really want to go to India to see their vivid colors so I wasn't surprised that this photo was taken at a market in Goa. All these pigments for sale. Although I do wonder about their toxicity...

If anybody reading this wants to share stories about favorite places in India, or living there, or anything to do with India at all, this is the time. Comment away!

photo from Wikimedia


  1. wish you could make a mixed media piece like this and not have it fall photo deborah. i'll stick to visiting india in books..i' not sure i could handle it but you go and tell us all about it hows that? :)

  2. so many people say that about visiting India that I don't have a potential travel companion! Maybe I'll just go there and do yoga or something...

  3. Oh! That photo is gorgeous! Nothing more beautiful to me than pure pigment! I would love to travel to India. I went to Guatemala years ago and saw pigments being sold in a similar fashion. I love adventures!

  4. Hi Kendra, happy to meet a fellow adventurer! Your upcycled paper items are really interesting. Kudos for making cool things by recycling paper:-)