Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Lovely Pipes

Black aluminum vase from recycled pipe, 2010, Paula McCullough

If you're never been to PaulaArt's etsy shop, you are in for a treat! Besides a whole variety of vases made from reclaimed pipe, this talented artist has created candle holders and clocks from found materials like railroad fish tie plates and rusted railroad nuts.

I love these industrial and rustic materials used in sophisticated ways to showcase their wabi-sabi qualities. If you're into wood, you will not be disappointed, as Paula is offering a series of collectible assemblages from reclaimed pieces of redwood.

Check out Paula's blog too. She's inspiring!

p.s. That vase in the photo is MINE now! the precioussssss


  1. Awesome! I have a treasured precioussssss Paula vase too! If you all don't have one yet you better hurry!

  2. I'm behind. Must purge a couple of the Ugly vases and add a Paula vase one day.

  3. thankyou deborah for showing this vase in such a strong and delicate light! wow, i'm hiring you for my next vase shoot :) love it! and thank you so much for the post....the linkage and all you say. I am honored and flattered to be here and your home so to speak :)

  4. Cynthia-hold on to that vase!

    Andrea-yes you must! here's to purging.

    Paula-there's a lot more I could have said about you and your work, but I chose to keep it concise. Hopefully there are no glaring errors!

    The vase is in my office above my computer--just the touch it (and I) needed:-)

  5. I love paula... she rocks and I envy you your beautiful vase... someday when my boat comes in I'm getting me one too

  6. Hi Deb, sounds like Paula's work is selling great, so don't wait too long! I've wanted a clock for ages now. Thanks for dropping by my blog--please come back soon!

  7. you did just fine :) i'm quite happy to see the photo and hear how much you like it! fills me up it does :)