Thursday, July 22, 2010

Outdoor Art Fairs

A Wing and a Wave, 2008, mixed media on found wood

Having counted on getting into an upcoming juried art festival, when I found out that I didn't it kicked my bum into getting a couple new places in one day to hang some art. What was I waiting for? So now I have 2 new local venues for getting some work out there. One is a very charming coffeehouse, Wild Rabbit Cafe. It's only ten minutes from my house--so convenient. The other one I'll find out about in a week or so.

I'm still thinking of applying to another juried festival coming up in October. It's sort of with a heavy heart though. I hope for great weather and lots of sales, but these things are obviously not guaranteed...grrrr

This festival has more traffic than the one that didn't want me (really?) so maybe it was all for the best. If I even apply, lazy me. Stay tuned. I'd love to hear what you think about art fairs/festivals, whatever you want to call them.


  1. After a long hiatus of NOT doing any art fairs, my interest is renewed, and I'm looking for a few to do in the fall. It's a little late -- deadlines passed for many. As I haven't done any in years and years I don't have any booth photos to get me in (or try!) to good juried shows, so figure I'll have to do some noncompetitive ones to get my feet wet, and then try later for better ones...if I endure. Also, I'm mostly looking for indoor events so there won't be weather issues. I'll be looking forward to hearing about your experiences -- and good luck with the local venue!

  2. I've only done one little festival -- a fence was provided for hanging art -- I didn't have to have a tent. I'm not sure I'd ever have the courage to do one. Not sure how I'd hold up talking to stranger for several days straight.

    I've overheard so many visitors at arts festivals telling the artists that they could go home and whip up something similar for far less money. Not sure how I'd deal with that!

    Hope this other festival will work out with you, and congratulations on getting your work into that coffeehouse.

  3. i did one juried art festival in stowe vermont, my first showing i was excited and didn't mind the hard hard work (and i sold a $500 mixed media piece and clock!) having said was so much work and so boring at times...and yes you see people walk by and know they came for the food only. it can be demoralizing...and i have vowed never to pay to show my work again. of course now i'm wanting to pay for do outdoor tent markets but that it isn't juried and its only $25 tent included. its worth a try i guess since i got nothing else going on.
    enough about ME
    i love that you turned right around and got yourself into a place with another on the way. keep that energy moving! it is more important than we know :)

  4. Thanks for the good thoughts everybody!

    Cynthia, that's kind of what I started doing a couple years ago. I did one fair two years in a row and did not love it, or sell enough to make it fun. So then I thought I needed to upgrade the venue. Since 3 of the pieces in my entry had already gotten into prior juried shows I thought it was a slam dunk. Silly me. Frankly I'm sick of submitting to jurors who don't even know what's going on.

    Housewife, you're so clever and funny in your blog--how could you fail to dazzle your potential clients at an art fair? (compliment!) Though I agree-- I hate hearing some of the remarks. What I've found is everybody exclaims about how much they like my work but they're not nearly as excited about whipping out their wallets.

    Paula, I wish I could find a $25 one day thing but I don't see my work selling at something like that around here. The two places you've lived and sold art sound way more "hip" than here.
    Wow for selling a big piece right off the bat! I've gotta admit not getting juried in made me mad (see above) and motivated me--i needed that kick in the ass.

  5. I used to do art festivals many years ago and did very well but I don't do juried anythings. I hate the thought of my work being judged by people who might not get me. Well done for finding new places.

  6. Hello ArtPropelled, so well said about being judged by people who may not get us. It's encouraging that you just refuse to do it anymore. I've reached that point as well!