Sunday, July 11, 2010


Freshly picked!

Old farmhouse shutter

Heat loving baby birds

In the paintings from my not so distant past, I had a heavy hand with color--lots of it, and all at once. You really should now be marveling (yeah right) at my newly restrained notion of using color. Picking just a few colors actually makes sense to me now.

My new favorite color is blueberry--Payne's gray is another, so there could be some interesting things happening there, probably in painting my house interior. Not my favorite chore, but it's another of the delights of a hot, humid summer.

I found a shutter from a mid 1800's farmhouse today when we went blueberry picking. It has some really cool color layers and I hope I can turn it into something!

camaieu- image using shades of a single color


  1. blueberry is a great color, and i have my share of paynes gray paint sitting around here :) i'd pick the first two in a heart beat...chirping birds uh i'll pass!

  2. I have noticed that my birdy posts are not going over so well...ahem. But have you noticed art with birds in it sells?