Sunday, November 27, 2011

100th Post!

 For my one hundredth post, I have some good news concerning my Etsy shop. I recently started it up again after changing the name from a silly mistake we won't mention here to "Collage Whirl", the name it would have had if collage whirl had existed back in early 2008, when I first opened an Etsy account.

Too bad I didn't put anything in the shop until July 2010... even then I never did much with it, so now I'm giving it another whirl--haha, get it? And I just got a new banner, created by my talented son. I may be cutting it a little close for Cyber Monday sales, but I'm over the moon to have a new look for the shop. Makes me feel organized, you know?

I've been making pillows--for some reason that's what the inner creative goddess has been dictating-- go visit to see some cozy little embroidered and vintage snippet appliqued goodies! (no pictures here on purpose)


  1. Congratulations on all these accomplishments! You inspire me to clean up my etsy act, as well. Mine is a very similar story of letting my shop languish for too long... I will pop over to your shop for a look.

  2. Sus, you impress me with how prolific you are--always creating something cool. Glad I could inspire you!

  3. congrats on you 100th post.. I do not know how many I have done.. scrolling down and looking at all your beautiful imagery.. you have a very nice blog here.