Saturday, December 10, 2011

Unsuccessful Junked Mission

The junk gods were not on our side today. It's never a good sign when things are laid out nicely, like the cool tumblr blog things organized neatly
 Well, maybe not quite as visually appealing, but it always means that the prices will be higher. In this case, ridiculously high for a "Podunk" sale, and men were just snapping everything up. If only more things had been as random and as reasonable as the potty chair above--only $10!

Stuff wasn't even that old, and there was no light (I always mean to take a flashlight to these things). Here you see cans of paint that were probably the same price as at the hardware store.

We had gone there to buy a lathe for Mr CWhirl. The friend who let him know about the sale found out the lathe was last seen in this shed--about a 3 minute walk across a chilly and windy field.
Here, at last, was Shangri-La--a large building with old wooden crates, bottles, debris. The perfect place to find things! The wire basket in the doorway contains 4 old hub caps and a couple other pieces of sculptural nirvana that I ecstatically scrounged in the five minutes the guys searched for lathe parts. But no, this virgin territory was not part of the sale--they plan to have another in several months and I'm sure that there, we'll find--THINGS ARRANGED NEATLY. The kiss of death to the treasure hunter.

Oh, and guess what--the lathe was stolen, so we didn't get that either!