Friday, December 31, 2010

Countdown to 2011

You've probably seen this image several times lately. Well, I was one of the first--here it is on my Tumblr page. Obviously I was a little off, posting it before even Christmas had passed. So enjoy it once more, in a more timely fashion!

It's almost celebration time so I'm not feeling especially eloquent. But I am feeling grateful for all the experiences of 2010. Lots of them were online--making new friendships and finding inspiration in many of the wonderful blogs out there. Thank you for visiting, reading, following and leaving comments--blogging is such fun. It was something I had been putting off for ages, then in 2010 I finally took the plunge. Personally, I'm not going to set any more goals for the coming year. I'm just going to go with whatever comes my way and see where it leads me. I like a little spontaneity with my art!

Happy New Year--I wish us all exciting new insights, discoveries of new art and brilliant new creations in 2011!!


    congrats on getting a blog, facebook, tumblr, etsy, and your bus. website up this year. congrats for coming out of your online shell and making friends! glad we met, love having you in my life.
    here's to you!

  2. You're such a wonderful friend--thank YOU for making me feel so at home in this new universe!
    Happy 2011 to you :-)