Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Upcycled recycled sculpture
detail from Road Trip
This is a group of three sculptures from my Impermanence series. I finished them a few months ago and they're being shown starting next week in this beautiful space.

Recycled material sculpture
Road Trip by Deborah Jaouen
Upcycled chair, found road fragments, mirrors, phone part, vintage boat steering wheel
They're made from upcycled chairs, as well as other found things I have collected in the past year or so. I found actual pieces of the yellow line painted on the road--Highway 12 in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It gets destroyed regularly during hurricanes. The latest time was a couple weeks ago during Sandy.

Assemblage from discarded materials
detail from Conversatio
recycled upcycled sculpture
Conversation by Deborah Jaouen                   
Upcycled chair, phone parts, 1900's ephemera, lace, vintage cart wheel

The newest finds inspired me and I was able to flesh them out with other things from my collections. Phones are ephemeral now, but they last for centuries in our landfills.

Upcycled Assemblage
detail from The Naturalist

Assemblage from Discards
The Naturalist by Deborah Jaouen  Upcycled chair, bones, coral, shells, ceramic, birch, leather, rusty pitchfork

Do you get more inspired by the most recent things that find their way to you? Do pieces you've had for years become uninspiring, or maybe the longer you have them the harder it is to let go of them?


  1. Very cool work! I'm a big proponent of upcycling, and you've done it here with real panashe!

  2. Your sculptures are very strong, Deborah. I especially appreciate your use of up-cycled materials/found objects. Just great. Good luck with the exhibit. Would love to be there. -sus

  3. Thank you Sus, I've been enjoying seeing your latest drawings and paintings too!