Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dragon Energy

On January 23, 2012 the Year of the Water Dragon will begin.  A symbol of good fortune and a sign of intense power, in China the dragon is regarded as divine. It's the one animal in the Chinese Zodiac that exists only in mythology.

photo by chooyutshing
The color associated with the Year of the Dragon is golden and the energy sounds ferocious. This seems to me like it's going to be a creatively charged, high energy period. I read that it's lucky to eat Napa cabbage or similar greens. My decluttering will be finished too, so I can invite in the highest quality chi. I'm even toying with a major studio clear out. Instead of trying to organize my assemblage odds and ends so that I don't feel like a bag lady in there, I've decided that out they will go if they don't get incorporated into something by late spring. There!

And just so you don't think I'm too boringly virtuous, here's something delicious and decadent, so much butter and too much sugar, Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. Luckily my son is getting really good at whipping these up and eating most of them (the outer layer was eaten just as I was grabbing my camera).


  1. hahaha, well the cin roll is golden looking..

    1. Paula, those rolls were a deliberate ploy to go with my golden theme--just kidding! Don't they fit in nicely though (now that you mention it)

  2. We are heading into a very intense creative period. I am cheering you on in you efforts to clear out-simplify, and have similar goals for my own studio clutter.
    DRAGON POWER!!! Bring it on!!! (and cinnamon rolls :-) -sus

    1. Sus, thanks so much for the encouragement. I'll need dragon power this morning as I'm moving furniture around in my studio to spark a new body of work!

  3. This is wonderful.. I did a post on the end of the year of the rabbit and you do one on the beginning of the year of the dragon.. and I am finding more and more bloggers at pinterest.. it can be a bit addicting there I think but I love it.

  4. I was going to say something about the dragontill I got to


    oo how I love those sticky things - you mean you can BAKE them youself?? oh no.

    I want the recipie
    No I dont
    Yes I do
    But you just lost the christmas pudge
    Yeah but I love cinnabons.

    you know how it goes...

    1. Layers, I am enjoying your boards on pinterest, which is quite addicting, I agree!

      Grrl, pudge won't budge for me right now! Son sourced this recipe online--so decadent but DIVINE. Let me know if you make it!!