Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meet Henry Murger

Ever wonder who started the concept of a profession where it is seen as normal, even obligatory, to suffer/ be deprived of basic necessities/ and even to starve--all to fit society’s view of who you are? 

 Poverty stricken Vincent Van Gogh's simple digs

 Henri Murger, drawing from his experience as a struggling writer living in an attic in 1840’s Paris came up with what was to become one of the most pervasive themes of all time—the starving artist. Later made into the iconic opera La Bohème, it has been the basis of Rent and Moulin Rouge as well as various versions of La Vie de Bohème, the original work by Murger.

So the next time you mention that you’re an artist and someone says “oh, a starving artist”, practically thinking they’re complimenting you—don’t hate them, just blame Murger!


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  2. I never thought about it that way!

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    Laurie-- glad to be thought provoking, and hopefully it's in a good way!