Sunday, May 1, 2011

Always Learning

 This week I've been listening to the  Creative Souls Telesummit recordings. It's for people (like me) who have a hard time making choices because they have so many interests and passions. The topic is getting clarity and focusing on what you want to do creatively--I found the last two recordings the most helpful. Next week they're going to talk about making a plan of action, then the third week is how to turn your creative fire into financial flow (eff yeah, money!!). You can listen to these recordings for free, up to 48 hours afterwards. Can't go wrong with that.

One of the things I learned about is a technique that's been around for awhile--EFT or Emotional Freedom Therapy. It involves tapping on 8 acupressure points along energy meridians when you are faced with a blockage and helps move energy around to get some much needed clarity. There are lots of places online you can find videos and charts--it seems pretty simple to do and if you're at all attuned to meditation or yoga, it uses the same principles of moving chi, or life energy, around the body.


  1. Kinesiology use these points to for unlocking. Powerful stuff!

  2. Yes it is! Great interview of yours on Male Pattern Boldness--congratulations!

  3. this intrigues me. i can NEVER focus...
    (except through the lens)