Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Beach Goodness

We spent a few days last week in Martha's Vineyard, working hard. So--I finally have some new raw material to play with!

At one beach, I decided to make a collection of fishing net and ropes--pretty amazing, all the colors that exist.

I even salvaged the seams from a ratty life jacket that I found.

We cleaned up the beaches and brought home pieces of lobster trap, lots of interesting wood, a bit of shells and other flotsam and jetsam (just love saying that).

On our way back to the parking lot, we passed some fishermen who asked us if we had left anything on the beach. Good little scavengers...

This is wampum in its natural state. The tribes who still live in the area make their beautiful beads and jewelry from it. It's absolutely gorgeous when it's all polished up.


  1. flotsam and jetsam
    flotsam and jetsam
    yes. that feels good
    and love seeing your adventure bringing new items, inspiration!

  2. What finds! Sorting fun comes next!

  3. Paula, flotsam and jetsam right back at ya :D Can't stop saying it!

    Yes, sorting is fun, Don! I tend to take my time, right now the deck is strewn with "possibilities". Since it's been raining, got to let them dry (and get admired).