Sunday, August 8, 2010

Decorating with Junk

image via JunkFest

image via Funky Junk

I've been busy painting the stairwell with 3 coats of paint (it's done now, thankfully, and it came out really well) so I was looking for stair runner images. I already know what I want, some kind of sisal or a stripe/print, so that's what I was hunting for. I love old signs, everyone else does too, most likely! That's why they're so hard to find. So you can just make your own on your stairs.

I came across this cool idea for a cart while I was at it. We found a cart something like this a couple months ago. Although I don't have that kind of time--mine will probably stay red and out in the garage!

Just a couple visuals on a Sunday afternoon. I'm glad I'm only thinking about doing stuff today.


  1. I like your visuals-- especially the stairs- wouldn't it be fun to do that with your stairs-- very creative but it all takes time too.

  2. It would also be fun to watch the stenciling on the stairs getting authentically worn down. So many ideas, so little time!

  3. Oh now that has hit the spot! I followed the link and love the stairs. Very inspiring. As you commented .... so many ideas, so little time.